Weaver Leather Western Gel Seat Pad, Black

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Weaver Heavyweight Quilted Winter Stable Blanket (300 Grams) - Size:74...

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Intrepid International Horse Ice Boot

only $55.90

Love Your Horse

Welcome to Love Your Horse where we carry a wide assortment of horse saddles and blankets. Take a look at our site now and find the best saddle to suit your horse riding needs. 

The structure that you put on an animal's back to support the rider or other types of load is called a saddle. When speaking of saddles, it is commonly associated with horses. But any kind of animal that could be ridden on its back has its own corresponding type of saddle. Horse saddles are a crucial piece of equipment for anyone serious about horse training.

There are two main types of saddles - the English saddle and Western saddle. These are the two types of saddle primarily used in the equestrian world, although there are many types of horse saddles used worldwide. In other nations, saddles of different designs exist. Saddles differ greatly among various ethnic groups and nationalities. It can be fun to learn about how each one is utilized.

Here at our site you'll find the best horse saddles as well as blankets and other items that will make the ride comfortable for you and the horse. 

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